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Services: Government, Medical and Commercial

Government Applications

AKCode has developed a number of applications designed specifically for government agencies that are FIPS 140-2 certified. (The specific products can be found in the Products section.) All AKCode applications are designed to include the necessary authentication mechanisms that allow the existing applications to be augmented with the Common Access Card (CAC) and various biometrics, providing absolute authentication. AKCode products are designed to be intuitive and easily managed, which reduces the burden on the existing IT infrastructure when these products are deployed. AKCode will also develop custom applications upon request. Requests for custom applications can be sent to Business Development Services.

Medical Solutions

Anonymous Key Technology applications exceed current HIPAA requirements, providing a solution to the medical industry that is second to none. These applications range from on-line medical records to secure communications. AKCode has also developed the necessary components to provide true authentication by leveraging existing biometrics and smartcard technologies. Please contact Business Development Services for a more comprehensive list of services available to the medical community.

Commercial Applications

AKCode is bringing the same level of security, mobility and manageability to Enterprise companies with the commercial release of its products. Enterprises can now purchase the secure AKCode products that were developed for use within the various government agencies. AKCode products and services can be branded and resold within a short period of time. An example of the type of branding that can be provided is the Mobile Payment Processing system developed for MP2 Solutions, that provides a Windows CE payment processing solution to the mobile workforce and has the ability to be integrated with backend reports. For more information about MP2 solutions and their offerings please go to MP2 Solutions.

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