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Cavern - Secure Channel Agent


Cavern is a client-server software package that encrypts data for transport through a public communication line.

The client software encrypts the data before sending it across the network. The data is decrypted by the Cavern server, located on the other side of the public communication line, and once decrypted it is sent to the intended receiver. The receiver does not need to be operating Cavern to receive the secured data, but should be on a private/secure network to ensure secure transport of the data.

Cavern is the only software program to secure legacy applications without any modifications of existing software or hardware.

Cavern is simple, reliable and secure.


  • Anonymous Key Technology (AKT)
  • Encrypts any data transported over a specified port
  • Easy to use administrative functions
  • Provides biometrically authenticated and encrypted data     through the Public Internet for transparent and secure     submission and retrieval of the data


  • Encrypts any file type
  • Supports smart cards and biometrics where stronger     authentication is required
  • The receiver does not need "Cavern" to decrypt the incoming     information
  • Utilizes the new AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)     symmetric encryption algorithm
  • Deployable in global implementations
  • AKT protects information on-site and while in-transit
  • No transfer of public keys or management of private keys



Cavern has been installed and is currently under evaluation by Sheppard Air Force Base and the British Columbia Government.


Cavern Data Sheet

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